• akne tedavisi mayasante
    Acne (pimple) is a disorder mainly seen at face, neck, chest, back, shoulders and upper arms that affects the oil channels.
  • fokuslu ultrason mayasante
    Ultrasound skin rejuvenation technology is a medical treatment that uses focused sound waves to activate colagen production at lower layers of the skin, with this method it provides firmness and rebound to the skin.
  • lazer epilasyon mayasante
    Epilation is; removal of unwanted hair by various methods. The methods used for this purpose are; tweezers, waxing, trimming, needle removal, laser hair remova.
  • diyet zayiflama mayasante
    A healthy weight loss diet program should be like? • Must be specific to the person. Physical characteristics of the person (height, weight, activity status), health status (drug use, health problems), family characteristics, when he/she is overweight since, feeding habits (food preferation, eating schedule), social conditions (social and business meetings), evaluating other factors such as psychological status, hunger tolerance; diet and nutrition program should fit to the person, person should not adapt his/her routine to the program
  • cilt bakım mayasante
    Not only in terms of aesthetics, taking care of your skin, cleaning and paying attention for the health problems such as wrinkles and deformation are very helpful for preventation for these problems. Otherwise, UV light, makeup, free radicals, smoking, stress, weather changes and malnutrition will negatively affect your skin, and even at young ages causing to look tired and pale.
  • prp mayasante
    PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma); Platelet; (thrombocytes) are cells that are in our blood. Their number is 300,000, and the average life of 4 days. 2-4 mm fulfills the task of cleaning of the wound in the treatment of coagulation or blood flow properties and wound these cells.


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